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15 Things Not to Do in Japan

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If you have intentions to visit Japan, there is something you need to know. Familiarizing yourself with a few basic Japanese cultural practices may go a long way for making your trip there enjoyable. Also, a person likely to enter into trouble. Here are stuff you should not do dependant on Japan culture.

1. Don’t enter a home wearing your shoes

Are you employed to walking around at your residence in your shoes? Well, you will get yourself having problems if you do that in Japan. There is a special place best places to keep your shoes before entering the property. Also, you’ll find slippers for guests when entering a location.

2. Don’t shout for the train

Trains are extremely common in Japan. However, folks don’t make noise during trains. They are always silent. If you’ve to talk with someone, practice it in a low tone. Use your earphones when you have to listen to a music track.

3. Don’t make use of phone on trains

As indicated earlier, Japanese do not like any noise inside the trains. You will rarely the using his phone to produce a call inside the train. If you could have to make use of your phone, send an email or talk inside a low tone so as not to distract other folks.

4. Don’t eat on trains

Japanese don’t eat when traveling on commuter trains. Drinking is okay unless the train is simply too crowded. However, in long-distance trains, consuming are allowed. Food and beverages may also be sold in such trains.

5. Don’t forget to take out toilet slippers

Once you are free to Japan, you will notice that you will discover slippers only used when browsing toilet. These slippers are often noticeable simply because have particular words or pictures. Always remember to take out them when entering your own home or walking within the streets.

6. Don’t tip anyone

While extremely common to tip anyone after a great service in numerous cultures, Japan is undoubtedly an exception. No matter how satisfied you might be with their service, they never accept tips. In fact, someone may come running when you finally, returning the tip!

7. Don’t ignore someone you happen to be speaking with

If you might be talking with a Japanese person, always relax and attentive. You may sound impolite and rude by only failing to demonstrate that you have understood a place. Whenever speaking, show your attentiveness by talking back.

8. Don’t photograph everything

Despite Japan as a beautiful country, you’re not allowed to adopt photos everywhere. It is advisable to always ask someone prior to taking photos. You must be granted permission to consider pictures in museums, temples, and shrines.

9. Don’t hug anyone you meet

Hugging is usual in western countries. However, in Japan, it isn’t. You don’t hug someone you see in Tokyo streets. Most of the older folks do not like the habit. If you want to hug someone, then it is best to know a comparative age group and whether or not are comfortable from it.

10. Don’t eat or drink when walking

It is uncommon to seek out Japanese eating or drinking while walking. Even for the streets with food stalls they always locate a place to sit. Now you know the best way to behave when that you are on Japanese streets and that means you don’t look foreign.

11. Don’t get a present with one hand

Whenever acquiring a gift or perhaps a visiting card from your Japanese, make use of your two hands and bow. Then let him know thank you. On receipt of your gift, don’t open it before person who has given it for your requirements has left.

12. Don’t throw-away trash haphazardly

Another thing many times hard to get accustomed to is tips on how to handle your trash. In most cities around the globe, you will find a lot of trash cans however, Japanese cities vary. People are asked to carry their trash until they discover a place to dispose of it.

13. Don’t are not able to say “appreciate it”

The verb “thanks a lot” is tremendously valued in Japan. Learn to say it after being served within a hotel or store. Familiarize yourself with how bowing is performed in Japan. You must always bow and say appreciate it when you talk with elders.

14. Don’t make a note of a person’s name in red ink

In Japan, it truly is OK to create “goodbye” in red ink but not ones name. The Japanese think it is to be disobedient. Therefore, if you must write down your Japanese friend’s name, you already know which color to protect yourself from.

15. Don’t be shy

It frequently occurs for tourists to ask about for help from locals. When you can Japan, you shouldn’t be shy or fearful of asking for anything. They are extremely friendly and helpful. Even once you accidentally forget something somewhere, rewind as no one is going to adopt it away.