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Earlie Beach and The Golden Plover

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Earlie Beach is a bit town approximately 1.300 people, in Queensland, Australia, down the Whitsunday Coast. It’s the gateway for the unparalleled Whitsunday Islands plus the Great Barrier Reef.

It’s quite popular with backpackers… and I was at least one! After arriving inside the famous locality, I spent several days relaxing all night . a look around, looking into what could interest me within the area.

I simply loved the impression of being careless free, fortunate to stay in this superb place in the world.

One day, I do not remember if I was at a backpacker maybe in a pub, I saw a billboard on the wall that unchained my imagination. The image of wonderful tall ship operating its sails unfurled appeared looking at me. A comment declared being on it will have been an outing of a life experience.

It was approximately a week cruise round the Whitsundays, a group of 74 continental islands within the North-East Coast of Queensland.

I was hooked. I knew that I required to go.

The ad also publicised: “Backpackers prepared to help out with serving food and clearing up will get a huge discount.” Without hesitation, I attended a # travel agency # and I got a new ticket immediately. I was very lucky; the ship was nearly booked out for weeks and they also only experienced a few places left.

I was very anxious about the trip plus the ship likewise. I started to accumulate information about my new mean of transport, that was a brigantine.

What is usually a brigantine? I am sorry in regards to the technical wording there is however no other method of getting around it…

It was, they cannot exist anymore nowadays, a two-masted sailing vessel with the entirely square rigged foremast and at least two sails around the main mast: a square top sail as well as a gaff sail mainsail (behind the mast). The main mast will be the second and taller in the two masts.

The ship was integrated 1910 from the Ports plus the Harbours of Victoria, in Australia. At that time, she was called “Plover”.

For its construction, they used the very best materials: the New Zealand Kauri, a gigantic native tree, and copper fastenings.

This astonishing 30-meter vessel was on the list of last tall ship on planet earth.

It is actually difficult to describe the sense of due to being on it.

Its story is fascinating. It started to be a steam powered ship in Melbourne and worked at diverse jobs as fishing ketch, ferry, scallop boat and finally as being a striking cruise liner.

Unfortunately, in 1986 it caught fire. Luckily nobody died even though the fire was raging though the deck was destroyed. Even its superstructure was completely wrecked. The ship then was abandoned within the mud for just two years from the Marybyrnong River. A disaster!

Providentially 4 guys from Germany along with a professional rigger of Geelong, called George Herbery, had the vision of seeing the large potential in the discredited ship.

The brothers, called Helmut, G√ľnther and Gert Jacoby as well as an engineer called Ed Roleff, were ship lovers. Within 4 years and few months they turned the derelict to a classy and elegant sailing vessel.

It am picturesque, eye-catching and unique it was regularly employed in movies. One was the notorious softcore “The Blue Lagoon”…

Nevertheless, the afternoon I was impatiently looking forward to to start my new journey arrived…

The ship was blue with immaculate sails. What a wonderful sight when I watched it for the first time! What a feeling to start this masterwork!

My imagination ran wild… The Golden Plover reminded me of pirates, grayscale flags together with the skull, symbol of piracy par excellence… of deadly naval battles and hidden treasures…

Not only I was over a magnificent vessel… I was about to cruise down the legendary, stunning Whitsunday Islands.

Shiny pristine beaches and turquoise waters were looking forward to me…

What’s next? Just follow me… And I will disclose the world!