History of the Camping Tent

History of the Camping Tent

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The notion of voluntarily forgetting a comfortable the place to find sleep looking for the hard ground underneath the stars is challenging for some people to fathom. Cooking food spanning a smoky fire and rebuffing insects are hard to believe you should do. But the thought of camping can be quite appealing to many and that’s way we Americans go camping.

Here is usually a short good tent camping.

A while before becoming your pastime, camping was really, the way of life. The most important unit was the tent.

Today’s familiar shelter function is by a U.S. Army in 1855. It modeled its “bell tent” after Native American teepees, using canvas rather than buffalo hides. By 1911 the 1st Boy Scout Handbook was published and it also showed 10 different kinds of tents.

After WWII was over in 1945, the post-war economic boom sent Americans to camping retailers and Army surplus stores where they purchase 1000s of tents of the styles before going to the outside.

The first fast-to-set-up freestanding tent was created in 1959. It featured wooden poles. Metal poles that had been lightweight start to replace wooden frames in 1960. In the 70’s a backpack-storable tent was made and it sold 2million units in only 10 years.

The first “truck-tent” got its start in 1990 and it was created to be pitched within the bed of the pickup truck. Today these tents came a long way with improvements that will make camping very comfortable. Technological innovations provide a more pleasing experience and 3.2 million Americans still make tent camping a regular activity to enjoy and don’t forget.

I can relate for the events in the list above because I was camping within my backyard at an early age from the 1960’s. My first tent had wooden poles also it gave me a feeling of adventure to get by myself camping within the backyard within the stars. It can be a memory that I will not forget and I encouraged my boys to accomplish the same as they spent my childhood years. As I got older my tents improved with metal poles and material that’s waterproof. My places to camp improve also. I would camp with the river and inside the woods nearby the river. This created for great adventures to own as keepsakes. Later on I started camping with a campground near a lake that set it up peace and a a sense of satisfaction.

Now I still desire to camp and I possess a truck bed tent that matches my F-150 truck bed. This let me sleep up up and to stay dry much better that inside the past. With this style of tent I can camp almost anyplace my truck is going to take me. What a great way have fun with nature also to make more memories personally and our kids.

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