Onam With Fanfare

Onam With Fanfare

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The week-long celebrations have brought the streets in the state capital alive with cultural extravaganza, which include music, dance, painting, traditional folk, classical dance and martial-art programs. This article efforts to detail different activities organized throughout this festival.

Onam Week Celebrations

Every year, hawaii government organizes festivities marking the Onam festival, which is hawaii’s harvest festival. There is also a legend linked to this harvest festival. It is widely thought that the Demon King Mahabali visits each household in their state to see whether his subjects you live happily or otherwise not. Due to this reason, all Keralites attempt to show off in their humble methods they are well to do. There is a praoclaiming that Malayalies normally spends last remaining penny to stay happy before their beloved King Mahabali who wanted to determine his subjects happy. Thinking on creases, even a state government wanted to determine some festivities happening in this festival. To this effect, government entities conducts week-long celebrations in their state capital wherein an overall of 5000 if not more performing artistes showcase their soft skills prior to audience. The people from the capital city visit various venues dotted throughout the Trivandrum city to take pleasure from the cultural programs.

Tourism Week Celebrations

The most in-demand venues of which the authorities organize cultural fete include Nishagandhi Auditorium, Poojappura Ground, Central Stadium, Vyloppilly Samskrithi Bhavan, Shankhumukham Beach and Museum Compound. The government has earmarked a fund of over Rs. 3 crores due to this extravaganza. The Kerala Tourism Department has organized the week-long celebrations to showcase the culture from the God’s Own Country. Normally, the Onam celebrations end with the grand procession showing various elements of Kerala – both cultural and daily life-based. As part on the festival, the federal government, public sector enterprises and businesses have colorfully illuminated a stretch between Kowdiar and East Fort.

Program Venues

As part from the festival, various venues have hosted different cultural programs. People from hawaii capital visit these venues in huge numbers dressed up in colorful attires to savor them. The major venues and programs are listed below.

1. Central Stadium: This venue hosts mega shows by reputed TV channels and print media in hawaii.

2. VJT Hall: It hosts the poetry sessions by luminaries from your field of Malayalam literature on all four days from the morning sessions. The organizers have tilted the program as ‘Kaviyarangu’. On other days, organizers conduct story telling sessions or ‘Kathayarangu’ from the morning. In the evening, the professional drama troupes entertain the viewers who get lucky and drop in.

3. Sanghumukham Beach: This venue becomes colorful with the presence of lights and busy with temporary shelters doing the brisk business. In the evenings, the beach relates to life with programs by females and children.

4. Poojappura Madianam: This venue is perfect for the people who would like to hear the very best music in the bygone era. Many people from your older generations sing the widely used tunes to entertain the listeners.

5. Bharath Bhavan: It also hosts various musical shows to treat the target audience on the many days over the celebration week.

6. Suryakanthi Ground: The Kudumbasree and Government units offering various artifacts and items for sales have organize their stalls to complete brisk business. On one side of the ground, the stalls offering traditional Kerala cuisines began to tickle the flavor buds from the visitors as a part on the food festival.

7. Kanakakunnu Ground: On the premises of Kanakakunnu Palace, the authorities have create a temporary amusement park for kids.

8. Vyilopilli Samskruthi Bhavan: On its premises the visitors get to determine the classical dance performances (Swathy Mandapam).

9. Suryakanthi Mini Stage: The visitors could see the folk arts with this venue.
10. Sangeethika: The real name with the venue is Kanakakunnu Palace Auditorium. The musical lovers get to relish the classical Indian music rendered with the experts inside the field when it reaches this venue.

11. Theerthapatha Mandapam: This venue is in the East Fort. The authorities have organized Kathakali, aksharaslokam (poem rendition), Koothu, and Koodiyattom there. The last two will be the traditional folk dance sorts of Kerala.

12. Museum Compound: The targeted traffic to this venue can attend the Yoga classes and find out Kalaripayattu (self-defense skill form of Kerala) there.

Onam is really a traditional and harvest festival of Kerala. People coming from all walks of life, no matter color, caste or religion, engage in this festival.

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