Treasure Hunting Wilderness Hunting

Treasure Hunting Wilderness Hunting

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I must admit that I’m not essentially the most sociable an associate the world. I’m not you to definitely walk up and initiate a conversation, especially with strangers. Nor am I one who relishes people coming to me and starting a conversation, although I can be sociable when that occurs. But, usually it isn’t really a long conversation. When I’m travelling the ‘big city,’ I’m going somewhere some thing, and ‘sitting around using a park bench conntacting the locals’ is just not my thing. Nor do I get noticed in a crowd… in addition to my altitude. I don’t dress to wear. I don’t act for being noticed. I don’t intentionally draw attention to myself. It’s not that I have anything against being visible. I just will want to ‘be in the shadows.’ Call it leftovers from living a life of finding myself the shadows.

A wide range of this arrives in me when I’m working ‘in this line of business.’ I’m available for a purpose… generally, treasure hunting, metal detecting, or prospecting for gold. When I’m focusing on my activities, I don’t want to become approached, especially when I’m wearing headphones (hearing the almost imperceptible adjustments to tone of my metal detector) or working around or under water for gold. I’m not paranoid, however in my experience, not many are friendly with good intentions. I’m leery of folks I don’t know who approach me in the midst of nowhere, in particular when I’m seeking or digging up valuables and several stranger walks up wondering what I’m doing. It’s not that I’m wanting to hide either. If I were, I’d enter complete “stealth mode” (A whole other subject). So, when I’m “out resulting in,” I dress for achievement… my type of success.

I cannot show you how many times I go out in the woods simply to see streams of folks walking the trails dressed like we were holding trying to get spotted from space. Now, I’m not saying there’s anything wrong in wearing neon colors, in the event that’s your thing. If communicating [some style of] a fashion statement is an element of your enjoyment to get out into your wilderness, you should do it. As a treasure hunter, the process has some inherent risks… especially when you’re successful or perceived to get successful with your hunt.

When I seek out clothing and equipment for my treasure hunting (to all its forms) activities, I have a handful of basic criteria. First, it should be functional for the necessities. Second, it needs to be “earth-toned,” or to begin with, “not-flashy.” I won’t even consider bright reds, blues, yellows, oranges, lime-greens, whatever. I choose to combine in. Camouflage is wonderful. I have a large amount of camouflage “stuff.” But, camo just isn’t mandatory. Dark blue… OK. Dark orange (as an autumn “burnt orange”) – OK. If I’m going to don it, take it, or make use of it, I want it to NOT draw attention… going without running shoes or me.

One in the easiest items to spot can be a bright non-natural color against a naturally colored background. Fortunately, there is often a large choice of good quality garments and equipment that manufacturers make in earth-tones… many of which are also available in bright colors (if you opt to do so). Fleece for warmth, Gortex for rain proof, 400 Denier nylon for durability. All of them can be found in “subdued” colors. There are other technologies for modern fabrics besides these three, many of which are great. But, anything, I choose ‘subdued.” I recommend you perform same.

Now for example piece of contrary advice. Always… and I mean always… carry something is blaze orange, signal red, at least “very bright.” Why? If you get hurt. If you get lost. If you are marking an area for aircraft or rescue parties, you need to have an issue that they can certainly spot. Keep it handy in the bottom of your respective rucksack, or possess a cut down version as part of your cargo pocket or possibly a pouch in your canteen belt/knapsack. But, carry one.

The primary intent of having out ‘in the woods” while treasure hunting would be to have a great time. If portion of that ‘great time’ is attracting people in order to interact and perform a little public education while working, of course “Dress for Success.” If, however, you would prefer to not have crowds around watching you detect, dig, sluice, and locate coins, jewelry, and gold, then I recommend my style of “Dressing for Success.” So, here’s to seeing you (or otherwise not) out on your own next treasure hunting adventure!

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